Custom Furniture Painting and Restoration Services

by | Dec 5, 2016

Do you have furniture you would like painted or refinished? How about a family heirloom that needs to be restored to its original beauty? Are your kitchen cabinets looking a little dingy, and you think they could benefit from a makeover? Or, does your little princess want to live in a make-believe castle?  Whatever work you are looking to get done, our custom furniture painting and restoration services can help.
Shamblz offers one-of-a-kind hand painted salvaged furniture. All furniture has been restored and professionally refinished. We have beautifully finished pieces to compliment any decor. No need to wait for work to be done. Find these unique items in the Shamblz Shop. Products sell fast, so visit the Shop before your favorites are gone.
Paul McCobb Blue Stenciled Dresser
Maybe you are looking for something specific. We can find the perfect piece for you.  Just specify what you are looking for, such as a dresser, a vintage armoire, mid-century side tables, etc. We will go out and find what you want and finish to your specifications.
Antique Leather top Desk

Here’s How it Works

If you would like to get a quote for custom furniture painting, refinishing, repair, or restoration, please follow the steps below. 1.)  Take a few photos of the piece you would like the work done to. Along with the photos, email a brief description of the piece, it’s dimensions, any damage (if applicable), and what work you would like to have done. Email your request to [email protected]. In addition, feel free to send any inspirational photos, magazine cut-outs, color examples, or anything else you think may help explain your desired goal for the piece. 2.)  Once your information is received, we will contact you via email or phone (please specify your desired means of communication) and confirm the receipt of your request for quotation, as well as the estimated cost of your project. Typical prices for custom work is also posted on our pricing page, which you can find here. 3.)  If you decide to accept our proposal, you will be required to sign a detailed work order and be asked to sign off on a color and finish sample.  No work will begin until we have both.  A deposit of 50% will be required at time of contract signing (on contracts under $1000), with the balance to be paid at time of completion. 4.)  You are required to provide transportation of your furniture piece to and from the workshop. Please Note: Pick-up and delivery requests for furniture are accepted for local customers only, and may, or may not be honored. Transport requests are accepted on a case by case basis, dependent on work load, distance and staff availability.  Customer will be charged an additional fee for pick-up/delivery, if accepted.


Our furniture restoration services are quoted on an individual basis. I need to physically see the piece in question in order to evaluate the extent of the work. Damage, original finishes and details vary with every piece. Please submit your request through the contact form below.  We will then arrange a time for a consultation.  Only local requests will be considered.


Custom interior work is very special to me, because it is all about you, in your environment, your way. Making your house your home involves customizing and decorating it in your style. We can help you find and create furniture that fits your vision and style. Our interior painting services include custom cabinet painting and/or refinishing, kid’s rooms, and other interior painting services. We come to your house and paint any built-in cabinets you desire. Your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, entertainment centers, even garage storage can be custom painted to your specifications.


Built-in cabinets, such as in kitchens and bathrooms, are quoted as custom work. Please send your request for quotation through the contact form below. We will get back to you to schedule an on-site consultation.
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