Buffet Makeover Using Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint

This is such a beautiful piece. It was given to me about 20 years ago, still in very decent shape. For this buffet makeover using Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint was my first choice. I used Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue with a dark wax. So pleased with the results.

I started by washing with a mild soap and water, making sure to wipe the excess water off.  By applying the water to dampen the wood, it raises the grain in order to get a smooth finish.

Once sanded and clean, I applied two thick coats of Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue paint. After it was dry, I applied one coat of clear wax and let it dry for about 24 hours.  I always apply dark wax over clear wax because it is easier to fix application imperfections of the dark wax.  All that is needed to even out the dark wax to your liking is to apply clear wax over the dark wax and rub until you get the finish you want.

To finish, I polished the wax finish after letting the wax dry for about 24 hours.


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