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Shamblz, located in southern California, offers one-of-a-kind hand painted salvaged furniture. All furniture is restored and professionally finished.

We provided quotes for custom furniture and cabinet painting, furniture restoration, murals, custom interior painting, kids rooms, and custom wooded signs.  Prices for services are found on the Services page. If you would like a quote for any custom work, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you shortly.

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Meet Bianca

Hi there, and welcome!  Bianca here, the owner and official keeper of this place.  I am so thrilled that you stopped by.

I am a single mom of two wonderful boys, Nicholas (Nicky)(12) and Matthew (25), both whom I cherish more than anything in this world.  Born and raised in southern California, loving the beach and the sunshine comes naturally to me.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I love to create.  That’s what I do. I am an artist, a designer, a painter, a seamstress, a fierce bargain hunter, a DIY fanatic, architectural model builder, tool hoarder (yes! this is a skill!), cook, and even a mechanic.  I can fix almost anything!  From installing a garbage disposal, replacing a hose bib, to changing a tire, I’m your girl.  I can also put up drywall, install moulding, and lay tile. I’m out to break stereotypes, that’s for sure!

My Home

I purchased my first home a few years ago and recently finished a substantial renovation to the house.  It is a very charming old house that suits my small family perfectly.  I studied architecture in college, and the thought of designing and building my home has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  This remodel was the next best thing to building from scratch.

Everything was perfect, except for me.  Yeah, I admit, I was pretty intolerable.  My poor contractor, bless his heart, displayed remarkable patience.  Thankfully, he figured out how to handle my wacky behavior and my obsessive compulsive tendencies, and everything worked out just fine—Great, in fact!  Thanks Shaun.  We love it!  I am a lucky girl, for sure!

My Passion

With all that said, my true passion is furniture.  My father was a German immigrant and self-taught in the fine art of custom woodworking and furniture design.  He was my teacher, mentor and biggest supporter.  As a child, I remember choosing to spend summer days with him in his shop instead of going out to play with my friends.  He taught me how to run the heavy tools, and instructed me on proper preparation and sanding of various woods, different finishing techniques, and hardware.  For me, those experiences were instrumental in making me who I am today.

Transforming old, salvaged pieces of furniture into beautifully re-crafted items is very satisfying.  If it is old, broken, has missing pieces or parts, has chipped or peeling paint or lacquer, or even laying in a pile on the side of the road, I will find a way to fix, rebuild or reconstruct it to make it beautiful, and functional again.  I can always see the possibilities of what it “could be.”  The potential is endless with a creative mind (and a horde of tools).

Posts include tutorials on preparing, painting and finishing wood furniture. I also share useful tips and tutorials on  simple home repairs and improvements. Follow the blog and learn how to make simple home repairs and improvements yourself.  I also share creative craft ideas, including (but not limited to) sewing, upholstering, home decor, kids crafts, costumes, and garden projects.  Subscribe to stay current on all the things you love to do.

Find unique items you’re going to love at the Shamblz Shop.

Wrapping it Up

I understand the value and significance of sharing information and inspiring creativity.  In contributing what I know and providing useful information to my readers, I hope to encourage a mentality of knowing that, “Creativity is not limited by Capability.”  We are all capable. I’m just here to offer guidance.

I am true to who I am.  I believe in living life with a kind heart, compassion and love, and surround myself with people I love and care about, making sure that they know how much I appreciate them being in my life.  Thank you, to all of my friends, readers and supporters, for your continued encouragement and helping me keep my spirit strong.  You are what drives me!

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See you soon!



Hi there! My name is Bianca. I love to create. That’s what I do. I am an artist, a designer, a painter, a seamstress, a fierce bargain hunter, a DIY fanatic, architectural model builder, tool hoarder (Yes! Tool hoarding IS a talent!), a cook, and a mechanic. I'm definitely not your typical stay at home mom. I'm out to break stereotypes and show you how to creatively DIY it, your way.

SHOUT OUTS” from our Customers

“Bianca’s work is exceptional.  She has a great design eye and she is very meticulous. I love her edge, style, and creativity. You will love her pieces.  Highly recommend her work!!!” Tracy Black-Van Wier

V.P. Investor Relations, Hubilu

“Thank you so much for the great work you did for me. I love my refinished table and bathroom mirror! They really fit my decor now. I will be calling you soon for another dresser.” Heidi Martin

Retired Nurse

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